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Learning piano as an adult can be simple and enjoyable, offering you a break from daily life and a chance to unleash your creativity.

When you learn to read music with confidence, playing the piano becomes easy and fun.

In today's fast-paced world, it's common for piano students to feel discouraged by the time it takes to become a skilled musician. These negative thoughts can slow down your progress and affect your enjoyment.

Rushing to learn piano often leads to focusing everything on one song, and then quitting when it gets tough. Becoming a good musician requires patience, practice, and consistency, which is different from the instant gratification we're used to.

Some piano programs claim they can teach you quickly and easily. However, these shortcuts won't provide you with a strong foundation in piano. To truly learn this skill, you need to understand the basics, not just play a few tunes.

Instant gratification  ≠  growing and lasting success.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You get the urge to play beautiful music, but it just ends up being a disappointment every time you try.
  • You've tried taking piano lessons before, but it became too complicated, too quickly, and you eventually gave up.
  • You find yourself struggling to figure out the free sheet music you downloaded, or you try to learn your favorite song from a video, but find it impossible to remember everything.
  • You feel confused every time you look at sheet music.
  • Learning piano feels like a waste of time because you never truly get any fulfillment out of it.

There’s a better way!

Learning the fundamentals of reading music is important because it gives you the foundation to grow as a musician. When you understand how to read music, you won't need to rely on shortcuts or hacks.

Learning piano isn't just about playing your favorite song. It's about long-term growth, like learning how to practice effectively. Many piano teachers don't always focus on this crucial aspect of becoming a successful musician.

Your success starts with being an independent learner. Once you have a strong foundation, you'll naturally keep improving.

So, how can you build this foundation?

Over the past two decades teaching hundreds of adult learners how to play piano, I've developed a foolproof music-reading method that will accelerate your growth, instill joyfulness toward the journey, and cultivate a mentality that perseveres. This method will set you on the path to becoming a skilled pianist, as well as an authentic musician.

It's called The FLOW Method (Faster Learning through Optimal Workflow)

The FLOW Method is comprised of a 4-part system:

  1. The Music Mastery Process (MMP): a six-step process for reading and practicing music, resulting in songs completed at the highest level of ability
  2. The FLOW Music Series: a collection of imaginative, thoughtful, and poetic music, composed with Progressive Elements
  3. The Musician’s Mindset: mindset work that acquires the musician’s mentality, allowing you to explore endlessly and resist the urge to give up
  4. The Flow State: the most optimal state for playing music, in which heavy concentration puts all exterior worries aside

Learn to read music and complete songs at the highest level of your ability—all in a predictable way that also builds confidence and excitement

“The Flow Method helped me to feel more confident reading music than when I first began. Learning the piano helped me to be more disciplined, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Rachel Barron Student


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